Wedding Photography & Videography
All packages include an e-folio (internet) proofing and ordering for you, your
family and friends on for (3) months. Thumbnail
album of all photos from wedding.
There is a $400
non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your wedding day.
Additional purchases outside of original contract are subject to prices at the time
of their order. All products and services are subject to applicable taxes.

Affection Package: $1000.00                                                 
  • 6 hrs of Coverage
(Pre-ceremony 2 hrs, Ceremony-1.5 hrs, and reception 2.5 hrs)
  • Pre-ceremony photo session (See our Pre-Ceremony details below)
  • No limit on the number of photographs        
  • E-folio Online for 3 months
  • Thumbnail Proof Album
  • Your choice of (1) 11x14, (15) 8x10s & (15) 5x7s prints

Independent Package-Hi Res. CD Only $1800.00               
  • 50% deposit required  
  • Unlimited Coverage
  • Unlimited Location        
  • No Prints or Albums(except (1) 8x10 for signature Mate
  • E-folio Online for 3 months
  • Will accompany you to lab to help you with printing your photos (optional)   
  • Engagement Session (1) Signature Mat with 8x10 print.

                                             Enlargement Prices:
4 x 6 - $10        5 x 7 - $15        8 x 10 - $25        11 x 14 - $40        16 x 20 - $75


Add-Ons to any package
  • Traditional Leather Albums: Starting at $375

  • High resolution CD with all images and copyright release $500.00
(when booked with package before the wedding)

  • 4x6 proof album instead of thumbnail album $400.00

  • Additional wedding coverage $150 per hour

  • Additional Photographer $150 per hour

  • Graphi Studio Book available starting at $1200.00 and up

  • Graphi Parent's Book match identical to the bride and groom book.
Pre-Ceremony Photography Option
Some couples think it is bad luck to see each other before the
Let’s look at the origin of the bride & groom not seeing each other before the
Marriage by purchase was preferred. Usually the bride would be bartered for
land, social status, or political alliances, but sometimes she was exchanged for
cash. The Anglo-Saxon word "wedd" meant that the groom would vow to marry
the woman, but it also meant the money or barter that the groom paid the bride’s
father. A wedding, then, literally meant the purchase of a bride for breeding
purposes. The word wedding comes from a root word meaning to gamble or

There were also arranged marriages, where the groom’s family told him who he
was to marry, and they very rarely let him see the bride because if he didn’t like
her looks, he may refuse to marry her. Therefore, the father of the bride gave
the bride away to the groom, who lifted the opaque veil to see her for the first
time. This is also the origin of the custom of the bride and groom not seeing
each other on the wedding day.

If following this tradition is important to you, all of the photos of the bride and
groom together will be done afterwards, but solo shots can be done before the

However, getting all the formals done at the beginning has several advantages:
Flowers, clothing and make-up are fresh, natural light pictures of the two of you
will be before the ceremony, and you can carefully budget time for formals

Couples who feel formal photos are important will set aside one, two, or even
three hours for formals, which finish up about half an hour before the ceremony
begins. If you do formals immediately after the ceremony, guests have to wait
before they can greet you, and members of the bridal party will have pose for
pictures rather than mingle.

My viewpoint on the bride & groom seeing each other before the wedding is a
private meeting between the bride & groom, photographer & or videographer.
The atmosphere can be set with the actual music that the bride will walk down
the aisle to or soft music. The groom will stand in the actual place where the
ceremony will take place. The bride will take the identical walk down the isle
towards the groom. Once this intimate connection is made you can customize
the moment as you like. You can hug, pray, share words from the heart, etc.

If you like the idea of having amazing photos of the two of you together before
the ceremony you can schedule a formal meeting on the day of wedding instead
of at the ceremony location, or at a specified location for a couple’s bridal
session at a beautiful & picturesque location you can invite your wedding party
and family to this location at a separate time from the time that you will arrive to
add them into your pictures. This will allow you to have formal shots in it own
setting, ceremony shots at the ceremony location, and reception shots with
three different signatures.

The benefit is to get the most out of your special day for your money, save
money on the pre-reception function while guest wait on you, ensure that you
can enjoy the preset time frames that most ceremony & reception venues have
to set, have your wedding start on time. This can be a new tradition that you
create your family that you actually know the origin of.  Let's push beyond the
nor, break out of being cookie-cutter and have a good time
All packages & prices are effective January 1, 2009, and are subject to change without notice.
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